MS Structures

MS Structures

Structural Steel as it defines by its name mainly used for the purpose to build Steel structure, it is known as section steel also.

Steel Structure is completed by making connections by fabrication as per requirement and ideas of the structural steel engineer.

Structural Steel mainly used in fabrication/construction of various heavy and light structures i.e. Bridges, Towers, Industrial Sheds, Ware Houses, Gate, door, Grill, Window, etc.

Structural Steel available in various Shapes Or wide range of shapes i.e. Beam, Angles, Channels, Flats, Square etc. The Main content of the Structural Steel is Carbon after the Steel. The structural Steel is categorized according to chemical composition. The main category is Mild Steel. Structural Steel OR Carbon – Manganese steel: The major chemical ingredients of Mils Steel Structural are iron, carbon, and manganese. The strength and ductility are high, and being economical is therefore widely used. The Structural Steel has high strength, superior bend-ability, and better weld ability because of its shapes along with proper chemical composition.

Why Jalan Structural?

  • Self-sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Integrated Manufacturing Facility
  • In-House Research & Development
  • Highly Experienced Technical Team
  • Best Chemical Composition
  • Better Quality Control
  • High Strength and Ductility
  • Available in all Shapes and Sizes
  • One Stop Shop for all Structural Steel requirements
  • Economically Viable
  • Wide Reach & Network